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I mean if you think about it, nothing is real. We gave meaning to "real" but really it means nothing and nothing means nothing. What is nothing? What is real?

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"actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed."
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Holy shit this is deep.
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Compulsory wroteHoly shit this is deep.

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My brain can't handle this lol. But in my opnion it could be highly possible
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If you think about it, everything that we know is a construct of humanity. There are proven things such as gravity, the shape of the Earth and the existence of oxygen but we could have given them completely different names; the concept of 'gravity' could have been called "downy-no-uppy", a sphere (such as the Earth's ACTUAL shape) could have been called "roundy" and 'oxygen' could have been called "needy to breathy" and they'd be concepts that would be taught with no weirdness because they'd be constructs of humanity, it'd be a normal way for the concept to be named.

Everything you know, every word you've learned, could have possibly been named something else or not even named at all; the concept would have just existed without no reasoning behind it because nobody decided to study these things. It'd be a pretty weird (from the perspective we live in now, it'd be a normal plane of existence if nobody had studied anything we know) world if nobody had the curiosity and the want to actually study these concepts we know now.
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Yes , feels like a dream sometimes.
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This topic is trippy lol
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Think of a video game... Like GTA 5 everything looks real feels real and have almost real physics... You can see everyhting in front of you but nothing behind you is rendered. What if everyone you interact with is just a NPC like GTA or The Sims and everything behind you isnt rendered?
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