GeneralAny dating/friend making sites/apps worth trying out?Posted:

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This may seem odd of a question and im sorry if its not allowed here ill the post if its not, Anyways im looking for dating or friend making sites/apps,

moral is 95% of my friends live out of town so its a rare and special occasion i get to see them, and im bored and never really used a dating site for its real intentions.
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I know tinder and bumble worked well for me before i met my current girlfriend
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Depends on if your trying to find something serious.

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thanks for the suggestions.
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The best site is to go out in person.
My sisters(3) have always told me they like it when guys actually confront them. It's more personal.

But on a serious note for your question, it would depend on where you live. Bigger city = Bigger chance.

Plenty Of Fish

Those are a few options for you. The first two are the better ones, IMO. Not expensive, you can build a profile with actual questions based your views and can see if others match you in that area.
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Try grindah bro
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Farmers only
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Tinder worked for me
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Everyone just about uses Tinder.
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