GeneralDid or do you have broken bones, How ?Posted:

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I broke my arm by falling 6-8 Meters on a Rock. I broke my arm and wrist. Had to get my Radial replace.

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Never broken a bone in my life but I witnessed my dad break his kneecap by hitting it on a car door.
(Don't ask how I haven't a clue)
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I've broken my ankle and dislocated my foot at the same time on a bmx bike my ankle was like facing the other way to my leg it wasn't a pretty site, they was going to pin it but because I'm young they said it will heal. I know this is not a broken bone but I'm recovering ACL surgery now not very nice too
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Broken my finger twice from playing basketball with rough people
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Broke my collar bone and arm in ice hockey injury
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Collar bone when I was 4 and rolled out of bed in my sleep.

Multiple fingers during basketball.
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I fell of a ladder in work from about 10ft, broke a small bone in my wrist.
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I broke my collarbone when I was 13 coming off my bmx, cracked eye socket and cheekbone and jaw when I was 17 doing the same thing lol
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I broke my right arm in three places by falling of a garage

I had to hold my bone in with my other hand.
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Broke my leg ages ago playing football, now I have a cast on my hand from fighting...
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