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Hello everyone! It sure has been a long time since I have logged into this account. Let me tell you I have missed the gaming industry a lot. I joined TheTechGame 4 years ago in February when modding was the shiz-nit. I laid down the controller late 2016. Honestly, everything has changed drastically which is the reason I don't game anymore. No more Modern Warfare 2 Mod Menus, no more being the "only" person who could host a lobby...etc. Anyways, I am reintroducing myself to the forum because I have been away for a longgg time and I'm getting my foot back in the door. I have missed posting and being active within the TTG community. If you haven't met me yet my name is Ryan but everyone calls me "Baker" and I am now 21 years old.

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Welcome back to the community ryan It's always good to see members come back
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Hey man welcome back hopefully you stick around
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We'll it's nice to have you back man ,
Hope to see you around the forums again
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Welcome back ryan hope to see you around the forums
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Nice to see you have returned to the site man, hope you gonna stay a little more active this time.
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Good to have you back bro.
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welcome back home you enjoy your time on the forums
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  • Winter 2017
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Welcome back and I hope you enjoy your stay <3
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Welcome back my dude, glad to have you back in the community!
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