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I need help with my new PC i just bought. My specs are below !

1. i3-7100 344572
2. 8GB 2400 (single) 658740
3. ASRock B250M-HDV mATX 207563
4. Cooler Master 500W 321620
5. Antec mATX case 298653
6. 2TB Toshiba 7200RPM 451740
7. ASUS GTX 1050 Ti 194621

How should i go about overclocking for faster performance and higher FPS? I have MSI afterburner installed already!
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If you need help on over clocking be sure to check out jayztwocents
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Make sure you completely know what your doing before overclocking man..
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Specialize wroteIf you need help on over clocking be sure to check out jayztwocents

I agree with Specialize, here. I used JayzTwoCents video when I first got into PCs and it is really helpful and informative. Just take what you learn from his video and apply the same thing to your graphics card. Just tweak it and then benchmark it and make sure everything is stable. Good luck!

also embeded the video that Specialize linked above for easier use
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