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  • E3 2017
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So I've made a shopify store and I'm in contact with a coder who can add this small feature to my site

The feature is where when someone adds a console to basket only certain payment methods appear. I can disable/enable payment methods depending on the product, so for high priced products they can only pay by card for example, but on something with a lower price they can use paypal.

The coder is charging me 65 dollars per hour and he thinks he can get it done in one hour but he's not 100% sure

Am I being ripped off? It's a simple feature and 65 dollars is a lot lol.

Let me know what you guys think
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No, seems pretty fair to me if they are experienced
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Nope, that's about right for Shopify. I'll suggest you try out WooCommerce as well.
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