AdviceI've never built a PC, should I get a prebuilt?Posted:

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Should I risk trying to build my own PC or should I buy a prebuilt like an Alienware Aurora R4 but for around £450
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For $600 (approx the 450 pound equivalent) you'd be better off with a build of your own, unless someone can find a really good discount on a prebuilt but even then you probably won't get the storage options you want as well as a poor motherboard a questionable Power supply. The process of building a pc is not as daunting as it might seem. Watch a few videos on youtube to get the idea and if you want to go from there there's plenty of helpful people in this section to help you get the best build for your money.

Check out this sticky for information on how to request a build here: Forums/t=6751631/pc-building-rule...dvice.html

Here's a helpful thread by craig to give you more information on computers and building one: Forums/t=7469308/pc-building-tips...hread.html
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it isn't as hard as it looks. Once you know what is what and where everything goes, its quite easy. Just make sure everything is compatible and you should be fine
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Depends what the specs of the "Aurora R4" are for £450? That's definitely a used price, so not really comparable to building your own system. That said, unless you're getting a really good deal on an old system with decent hardware, building your own is almost always the better option.
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