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While the delayed jetpack is still without a release date for Fornite: Battle Royale, developer Epic Games has now announced a new item coming to the popular multiplayer shooter. Remote explosives are coming to Battle Royale "soon," Epic said on Twitter. You can see what they look like in the image below.

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As in other games, remote explosives in Battle Royale will allow players to place a charge and then detonate it from a distance. This will add a further element of strategy to the battle royale game, as you can wipe out opponents from afar if you execute it effectively.

Regarding the new jetpack, senior designer Eric Williamson said in a developer update that Epic ran into some issues when playtesting it internally, which led to the delay. There is no word as of yet about when the jetpack will be available in the game. It's good to hear Epic is taking its time with the jetpack, as the kind of speed and mobility it may allow could have a significant impact on how Battle Royale plays. The more testing the better, it seems.

In place of the jetpack, Epic released a new weapon, the hunting rifle, earlier this month. The studio has supported the game with regular updates that include things like bug fixes, new features, new modes, and new items and weapons. The regular cadence of updates is part of what makes Fortnite so appealing.

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Mooneye (03-12-2018)
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Wonder how there going affect the meta
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This is actually a great addition.

They have traps but this reminds me of C4.

Great to see this getting added soon.
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I wonder when people are going to start complaining about this addition; it's the same basic principle as traps.

As long as they don't add claymores (which, to me, would be over powered as hell), the game'll be fine. I can't wait to see remote explosives and use them.
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Its gonna be dope tbh the game is getting stale!!
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The bait on loot is gonna be hilarious..



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Excited to use this, but more excited to see how it's implemented. Do you pick up charges for it? do you keep the detonator in your inv?
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Holy, Thanks for the share I love how they're handling the game adding and changing things all the time, great game and can't wait to get my hands on this Hopefully I can attach it to my team mates back and have them run into a building or something >_>
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I really cannot wait for this!
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