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so the topic for gun control is hot here in america and i would like to share my opinion on the topic. okay so first off by making guns harder to buy in store will have no effects on how these students obtain the guns. most school shootings occur with illegal guns. i dont know about you but i could acquire a gun illegally off of the deep web very fast and have it shipped to my door without any background checks or anything at all (not like i will) but these laws only seem to hurt people who havent done anything to put these laws in place. also, i think that the schools shouldnt be worrying about guns and should be worrying about the students health. as a student i know how the kids think because not so long ago i had dark thoughts and i was depressed but i got help and talked about it so im not a school shooter. the schools need to focus on the students mental health since theyre the ones killing. if we looked at the kids and helped them we could reduce many shootings without even putting laws in place.
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Mentally ill people are more likely to be targets than to cause violence. Also, I don't see the "mentally ill" people of Canada, UK, or Australia making the news on a regular basis for slaughtering a dozen people. I'm not saying mental illness is no problem at all, especially with our healthcare system, but it does seem a bit of a secondary problem. Overall, it is the easy access to and the abundance of guns that is the issue. The more you have in a country, the more likely some jerk will get their hands on one or multiple.
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Buying anything off of the deep web and having it shipped directly to your front door is one of the dumbest ideas in the world.
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I personally hate guns, unless it's for survival there's no need for them. Hate wars, hate violence and death.
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Both mental health and the availability of purchasing and owning guns play parts in the violence that occurs day in and day out in the United States.

When speaking about school shootings: sure, the shooter is clearly in a weak mental state and should have never, EVER been in the possession of a weapon. In some states, it's more difficult to acquire a gun; but stricter gun control would only increase the illegal traffic of these weapons and would increase crime in the United States.

Stricter gun control could indeed play a crucial factor in the decrease of school shootings and massacres but it really wouldn't completely stop the issue. You'd find the maniacs acquiring U-Haul trucks or garbage trucks to commit massacres without even going through a difficult process to acquire these and you can't make U-Hauls and garbage trucks illegal, can you?

As I wrote in the News Forum, a high school student intended to place and cause an explosion with a homemade bomb at his high school (he was also accused of taking down the U.S. flag and putting up a flag with an ISIS symbol). Where were the parents? Where were his friends if he had any? Whether people wish to admit it or not, the Internet can play an extremely crucial part in the mental state of a person. If a person with a weak state of mind finds himself leaning towards the dark section of the Internet, they'll find themselves submerged in that world and will want to BECOME part of that world, such as ISIS is doing to brainwash and create sleeper cells in the United States, using its own citizens.

Every part of a person's life can be a cause for their abrupt and quick change from being a "normal person" to becoming a mass murderer or a terrorist, it isn't just guns that are creating a "state of emergency" within the United States and around the world.

I'm 50/50 on the matter of gun control, I can't really lean completely towards one side or the other; both sides have strong points of view as well as weak ones. I'm sure that in my lifespan on planet Earth, I won't see an end to gun violence.
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Ninja wroteI personally hate guns, unless it's for survival there's no need for them. Hate wars, hate violence and death.

U maek me sad

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Gun control is a joke... there is no one way to stop the wrong people from getting them, heres why.

1) The gun show loophole makes it easy for anyone to get a firearm because it's private sales and depending on your states laws you can just walk in and out in less than 30 minutes with your gun. No background checks, or wait periods. I live in the state of Virginia for example and here I can do exactly that; I can go to a gun store and walk out asap with an AR-15. There's no wait periods, no permit is required, no registrations need to be done (unless you purchase a machine gun but you would have to fill out ATF FORM 4 and pay a $200 NFA tax stamp to possess the gun.)

2) There are some states who are not reporting criminal convictions, or persons who are aquitted as mentally insane. If that information doesn't get passed on to the federal NCIC database then FFL dealers have no record to tell them to refuse the sale to unlawful persons.

3) There is a huge demand for firearms and it extends way beyond just going to Cabelas, Dicks, or Walmart for a gun. The black market is a huge source for illegal firearms and illegal transactions. So even if the US Congress decided to: increase wait periods, regulate accessories such as bump stocks, extended mags, etc, and raising the age limit to 21 will not remedy the situation. It only makes it harder for regular, honest - law abiding citizens from obtaining self protection.

4) There's been talks about raising the purchase age for shotguns and long guns to 21 which I think is absurd because: There is no research that shows that someone who is 21 years old or older is more responsible and less likely to go on a killing spree. A person of any age can build a grudge towards someone , any person can get bullied, any person can just all of a sudden [snap] and go out and kill innocents. So whether you're 10, 18, or 21 or 25 it doesn't matter because we can't control the circumstances that lead someone to do what they do.

There is only so much that can be done to help "better the system" but you can only add so much rules and regulations before it gets declared unconstitutional because of our 2nd amendment rights protect our rights to keep and bear arms.
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No need for stricter laws, just need for better background checks and mental health tests in order to own one. Most mass shootings occur with legal weapons owned by mentally ill people.
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KyloCrux wroteNo need for stricter laws, just need for better background checks and mental health tests in order to own one. Most mass shootings occur with legal weapons owned by mentally ill people.
but how can you tell who is "mentally ill" bc some of the mass shootings are out of anger so that "mentally ill" excuse doesnt really work. anyone can pass a mental test by lying. I did before for depression. and they cleared me of it. Something else needs to be done. IDK what but we need a diff approach to this.
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I can buy all types of guns for mad cheap $20 for a glock in the streets in Chicago shit crazy gun laws don't work lmao
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