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It's the best time of the year! Selection Sunday has passed and the field of 68 is set for this years NCAA Mens Basketball tournament. This is your chance to fill out a bracket for the TTG Group and maybe win some prizes! The tournament runs from Mar 13, 2018 - Apr 2, 2018.

How to join:
Here's the group link: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
The group password is "ttg2018", You'll have to make a quick account to put a bracket in.

Once you're in you'll just have to sit back and watch as your bracket turns to trash after the first weekend and you slowly question your sanity!

1st: 3 Months Gold + 3000 Rep + $50 Gift Card of your choice between Amazon, PSN, Steam and Xbox
2nd: 2 Months Gold + 2000 Rep + $35 Gift Card of your choice between Amazon, PSN, Steam and Xbox
3rd: 1 Month Gold + 1000 Rep + $20 Gift Card of your choice between Amazon, PSN, Steam and Xbox

Rules (Read before entering!)
You are allowed one bracket entree
Your Bracket MUST have your TTG name in it or else it won't be counted in the rankings

This topic can be used for any discussion related to the tournament as well, including game scores, matchups, possible upsets/predictions, and for realizing how shit your bracket is.

Good Luck!

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I just submitted mine, I don't watch College basketball that much but I have recently.

Good Luck to everyone!!
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Just entered and hopefully my brackets dont go to trash.

Good luck to everyone!
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Lets go dancing boys !
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I signed up man, will be looking forward to this.
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I made a couple brackets. Best of luck everyone!
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Will make a bracket in the morning but this is how i really feel
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Spoiler: University of Kentucky wins!!!
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Im in it for the rep! I have Villanova winning lol but I bet Michigan will win just to spite me.

EDIT: my guys, add your brackets to the "picks" page so I can see who y'all have winning.
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With the official 64 kicking off tomorrow, does anyone have an opinion either way on St. Bonnies? They're the 11 seed against 6 seed Florida. I've seen arguments on both sides saying they'll either upset the Gators or get blown out.

Florida is one of the nations most flip floppy teams, they can blow kentucky out of the water but drop a game to unranked SEC teams like it's nothing. St. Bonnies beat UCLA yesterday during the play-in, and that was with their best player playing like hot garbage. But, UCLA's best player had 11 turnovers and that was definitely a factor. Florida however is one of the best teams in the nation at protecting the ball, something like 6th in the nation in turnover percentage.

Torn on whether or not to pick the upset, I think I'm going with Florida because chalk but St. Bonaventure could go on a run this tournament.

Also here's a hilarious madness video I watch every march:
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