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add me on steam! I currently have Minecraft, Rust, CSGO, Borderlands 2, Gmod. I am willing to buy new games but just need some more friends before I do! I am originally an xbox gamer and have been playing the last ten years and I just recently bought a gaming pc so I am ready to go!

Steam ID : SlickAsItGets
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Download warframe and we can be friends.
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You can HMU if you want: MushroomElm. I play a lot of games. Trying to get into Fortnite right now, but I'm also setting up a Minecraft server. Just setting up the spawn area right now(But might switch it out.) I also dable in RPGs.

I'm in US Central time zone, play in the afternoon to late nights and weekends.
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I'll play bro my steam name is cscbrickhead
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