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  • Winter 2016
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Well, after an unwilling winter hiatus from the site due to work etc, I have come back to spread some joy and hit 500 Gifts of Gold (Technically 504 thanks to gifting @Ninja 9 times accidentally... whoops) Sorry to @Andy for taking over his gift total, hope you don't mind mate

Quick thanks to all my friends, you guys are the reason i stick around See you guys back here in a couple of months for my 5th birthday!

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I love you greggy, still need to speak on skype. Been to long my man.

Congrats, once again you beauty!
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Congratulations Greg. You truly are a great member of TTG.

Wow 500! Gifts, that's crazy also top 5 gifter

Keep up the good work man.

Ps. Thanks for the gift
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  • Winter 2017
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Congratz big boi. Thanks for the gold! And lend us 20p? With all this money for gold.
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Congratulations on 500 gifts of Gold, Greg. It's nice to see you back at the top 5.

Thanks again for gifting Vial earlier today!

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Conman. Thanks again for the good!!
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  • Winter 2017
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Wow man that's a lot ,

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  • Summer Giveaway
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About $3,000 spent, what the hell. Insane to spend that much on something like this. Either way congrats to reaching 500.
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Grats on wasting yet more money bud.

Gotta catch up sometime!
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Thank you for your gifts of gold! Great achievement and hope you become active again
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