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Anybody trying to play some halo 3 add my gamertag TEKASHISICK9INE
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I don't want to sound desperate, but I've been searching on halo 3 360 for the past couple months and it seems like the ranked playlists are dead. I was hoping to go for a 50 on my main account (I'm a 48) since I never had the time when people were still playing the game. Ik that it may seem like a silly/futile request because the game is about 11 years old but if anyone can give me a 50 on 360 halo 3 I would very much appreciate it. Pm me if you can I'll send you my gamer tag I play on 360 and Xbox one.
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Damn I've for sure seen you in MM before, but MCC is the way to go now unfortunately
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