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So what do you think of the thumbnails I just did, anything I can do to make it better? I just wanted something simple to be honest, and not overdo it, it gets the point across I'm live and what game it is so I thought this was alright.

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P.S Lets leave out the THUMB JOKES CAN WE?

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Mooneye (03-05-2018)
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They look fine man.

I would ask Mediocre or Rep if they can wipe something up for you.
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They look nice mikey, I do think there's a website for thumbnails and stuff like that, maybe set your thumbnails for tthe current trending 'thing' i,e when a new item gets released on fortnite, make that item the thumbnail
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I'd personally use a different font for the "MikeysGainz".

Only issue with thumbnails now is that the ones with the most appealing to a viewer will be watched more.

Bright text, colourful thumbnails etc ;)
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    Terrible font
    Low-quality Images / poorly chosen images
    unnecessary white strokes

Hey Mikey, just going to give you some criticism on your thumbnails and my thoughts on them. The Thumbnails are really basic. Your white stroke on everything is unnecessary, it creates fuzz and makes the images low resolution. The font is unpleasing too, find a font that stands out like Bebas that catches the eye. Also, you do not need multiple thumbnails for Twitch, many streamers usually just put their social media, schedule of the channel so viewers know next up-time.

Me being me, I went into Photoshop and tried to give a try on creating you a thumbnail. I removed the big background on the game, organized and positioned for a neat and eye-catching image. The background is pale but just an example.

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Simple and Clean.
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