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So one day when someone gets 10k rep, that would mean you would end up having 10 blocks for 10k just like for 3k we have 3 gold blocks. So this would mean at some point we will have 10 blocks for the 10k then 9 blocks of cheese then 9 blocks of green lol, as you can see in the image above there's not enough room for all those blocks. So what do you think gonna happen in the future?

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why dont you hit 10k and lets find out
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just have a block for 10k and only count the 1k blocks
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By the time anyone hits 10k it will be probably 2020.

You don't have to have a block for just 1k.

You can make up a block for every 10k or 5k if you wanted too.
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I assume with such high reputation they won't show smaller blocks like the green ones that represent 10 re power and the orange ones hat represent 100 rep power but who knows guess we will cross that line when we get there very interesting question though never thought about this until you mentioned it.
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I just wish to see a complete rep system overhaul personally. This system is abused way too much to actually make a difference to anything.
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Skates wrotewhy dont you hit 10k and lets find out

Should try and hit 10k Mikey
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I would much very much love my rep bar to go of the screen, that way I can say it's over 9000 >_>
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Would be nice to customise your rep bar
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