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So I get this message everytime I load up my PC. It's really annoying and can't find the DLL anywhere or a solution. Can anyone help me?!

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I get this aswell, could you let me know if you find a solution please
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Windows 10

How to remove programs from startup

Windows 7

How to remove programs from start up

Quick google on that DLL and it mentions spyware. I'd recommend you doing a quick scan with any AV. Windows defender shall do the trick.
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I have this on my laptop, not quiet sure how I fixed it.. had to fix a lot of issues with my laptop, although try what Adam has listed above

It's always best to just search for the item that's missing or throwing you an error.
as someone else may have had this issue and have a solution for it.
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Just disabled it on start up via task manager! Thanks for that, Adam. Sorts it for now, no problems as such yet.
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