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Hey guys, So I have an issue, my girlfriend just recently got a new MacBook after her old one which was a 2015 MacBook 13 inch got water spilt on it at the end of this past summer. The laptop still works but the keyboard does not. Everything else works. I start college in the fall and need a reliable laptop but don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars on a laptop if I do not have to. She's willing to give me the laptop but I would need to get the keyboard fixed. She took it to apple and its fixable but Apple wants an arm and a leg for the repair so thats why she just got a new one. does anyone have any suggestions? Or know of any places that can fix it without killing my wallet? Thank you all in advance.
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If you're willing to do your own replacement it looks like the early 2015 macbooks will be using the same keyboard as the late 2013-15 models. If you can source the parts yourself here's a video tutorial on the replacement: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Check the model number on the laptop, that might help figure out what you can do.

With water damage though there could be a number of other problems and the laptop might end up scrap, so I'd start saving for a new one just in case.
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replacing a keyboard is really no hassle, just find your screen size and year and pop over to ifixit for a in depth step by step on how to take the mac-book apart. as for a replacement keyboard, they actually cost around £15 on popular auction and buy it now sites.

Please note, take the laptop apart on a wooden desk or work top and as i am sure you can guess keep it away from water when you have it apart. "static wise" it will be very hard to even remotely damage any components.

If you have warranty you can go down that route which will cost you a lot, as for a repair shop as they will try to say it is a hard laptop to open up.(it really is not)

last resort, pop onto pc world and get the usb mouse and keyboard(wireless) set for £20 and use that. feel free to pm me, i have more than enough years experience fixing macbooks and any form of laptop ect.
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