GeneralWhat's everyones TTG Goals this month?Posted:

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So I thought I would make a Discussion on everyone's goal on TTG for March.

Me personally?

I have 5 badges I want this month:

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What about everyone else?

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Couldn't really try fit everything in one month, but I'd like to achieve 2k thanks, 1k comments, 7k posts, and 600 rep!

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I'm just going for ATH News comments, but I'd also like to hit 700 rep soon.

All of them in 1 month, good luck xD

Seriously though good luck.
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I just want to make more friends
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Like to reach 300 rep by the end of the month
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4,000 posts would be pretty cool.

Good luck with your goals, Ctag!
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1k news comments
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Avoid getting banned by Zach

Also download king
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Hitting 1,000 posts, and also trying to get 1,000 news comments lol
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1000 news comments and 5k posts
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