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here are some pics of the demon in front of a local high school

And some other cars I saw yesterday!

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My dealership just sold their third one so far. Super exciting to see them out more now.
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Man the car looks so dope, wish we had cars that looked similar in the UK
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Must have been crazy to see in person! I only saw my first hellcat in person a couple weeks ago.
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Links are broken in the second spoiler but I love the Demon's atm I'm planning on getting a Hellcat but have some other stuff to sort out.

Glad you seen one man! Looks pretty
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Damn that car looks nice.
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they're so nice, jheeze
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Yeah my friend has a hellcat and his pop just bought a Demon, ready to mod her out. Sexy cars
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those are so good looking. i want one
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My favorite car. All time. They are so clean man! Awesome pics!
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