Flu kills 6-year-old, dad fly's homePosted:

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A 6 year old girl from New Jersey has died from the flu.

Her dad, who was stationed overseas for military purposes was flown home right before she passed away.

He was flown home immediately as the news about her condition got to him.

there has been 63 children deaths because of the flu. It continues to grow from week to week.

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Maybe we should start treating it like other viruses and try to contain it so that there is no more. It seems as if only the flu is getting more deadly as the years pass on and we're getting weaker to its Effects. Instead of isolating one strain of it or a few strands of it they should invest in trying to include all of the streams so that we are more immunized against it
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63 deaths from the flu wtf, as Travis said, we need to look into this more and not just say "oh its the flu" it's obviously something alot worse than the flu. This is unacceptable and needs to be sorted out ASAP!
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That terrible the flu has been going around like crazy
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So sad people are dying from the flu. That's absolutely insane.
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That's heartbreaking my prayers goes out to the family
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