Alabama woman found alive in the woodsPosted:

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An Alabama woman is safe after sitting in the woods for 35 hours after a car crash.

She is 45 years-old and was on her way to visit a friend when she lost control and was sent down a 20 foot embankment.

She said she exited the vehicle just in case of an explosion. She was 700 feet away from the vehicle.

The search and rescue party called off the search late Saturday night.

She suffered a broken clavicle, six cracked ribs, a ruptured spleen and a fractured C7 vertebra.


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Damn, sounds like she went though alot but surviving such an accident, so one is watching over her. Glad she some what ok now.
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That sounds like a crazy survival by her. Glad she made it out alive and was found.
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Glad she made it alive her survival skills must be a1
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she must have gone through some serious stuff to be able to survive a car crash and survive in the woods, im glad she is ok!
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