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sOOOOOOOOOOO haPPy tO TeLL YoU aLL I aM CeLeBratiNG mY 0nE yeAR AnnIverSary As A stAFF MeMer ^_^ hehe RaawwwRRR iM RandoM as HeckING HEck!!! PenguinZZZZ r my LyF3!!

Hehe ^-^ CaNt WaaiiiT 4 neXt yeaR! Th4nKS 2 evRy1 whO Help3d mE Get herE :3 adMin s00n? Hehe! D0nT knooooWWZZzzzz!! iM stiLL a n00b :333

- 3tH4N

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This is worse than reading Zach's writing in the morning...

Gratz though
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Congrats on being a part of the staff team for a year, cheers to another one and maybe even a promotion, who knows!
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cool story bro
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OOmMMmGGgg GraTssSS 3tH4N :3
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Did you let Famous write this post?

Well done on the year as staff, let's see you around for many more.
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Lol, joke. (if you know, you know) Congratu-****-lations man. Quite an achievement my man.
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Congrats on 1 year of staff homie
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Love you Ethan

Too many more!
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Congrats man keep being an awen
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