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Hey guys I'm just having a hard time on making a decision ... Well I got a little more then I expected to get from my tax refund & I really was thinking about buying a new game system & gaming monitor . I just don't know If I want to do that or just keep my money so I can do things when I get bored at home. Honestly I don't really go out much but I also want something here to help past time whenever I do get bored.....
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vivastreet lad 100%

go wild
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Keep the money for when you're bored.

You will find a use for it.
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I would say keep it. Save up. If you do not need any of those things right now just keep it.
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I would keep it and see what you wanna buy
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First off how old are you?
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Figure out what you need most, and get that.

Don't let nubs on the internet decide for you, that's lazy.
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Give a little bit more detail on what your hobbies are and what you like doing in your own time. Maybe if you're a PC Gamer why not upgrade one part of your PC? Like your CPU, RAM etc.. if you're into Gaming buy yourself a Monitor, Games, Controller, GFUEL, New PS4/Xbox Games etc... Not sure what you like see so it's hard what would be best for you.
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save it
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Get what you need in life bud, then if you have some left over get a console.
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