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Well what can I say, I've now been a member for 7 years on TTG! Throughout the years I've seen the site go from strength to strength & I still enjoy visiting this website on a daily basis!

I've browsed more over the years than I have contributed but it's still good to see new faces every time I come online.

Anyhow, I'll leave it at that for now. I hope everyone has a good day and/or night!

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Congratulations on 7-year member mate, hope to see you around sometime, and thanks so much for being a member for such a long time.
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More and more 5+ Year members.

Glad to see you around man!

See you when you hit 8
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Congrats man I think in coming up on 8 years in a fee days
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Congrats on 7 years on this site see you at 8 years next year.
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Congrats on hitting 7 years dude. Big milestone.
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grats on 7 whole years!
hope to see you at 8
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That's awesome man! I wish I wasn't just lurking for free MW2 lobbies 7 years ago..
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Congrats! Here's some rep
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Congrats on 7 years man!
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