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Hello guys this its my new montage that i started and finish today almost a whole day haha hope you enjoyed and most important give your most honest opinion that will help me very much !

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LXXXII (02-13-2018)
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It's short but I like it man!

Keep up those grinds.

I subbed
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That was actually a pretty good montage, look forward to any new ones that you post for us to watch! Thank you!
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It's good but like someone already said its short..
More clips would be good I think and personally those trickshots look set up I could be wrong.
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Way too much editing for standard set up clips. I'd get rid of the depression vibe as well and make it more upbeat.

Other than that keep it up, you've got potential
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Thanks guys i apreciate it,i will try to do another version of this with all the correction that you guys gave to me I'll put on work
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Overly edited for not a lot of great clips. I'd tone it down, other than that it was good dude.
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