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Im wanting to get an JTag/RGH... Which JTag/RGH is the best? i.e. Corona, Trinity, etc. Let me know which and why please! Really want to move into Xbox modding... Not a whole lot of people on Ps3 anymore
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So the two main good ones I have heard of are Jaspers, Falcons and also Trinity's.
There are also Xenons, jaspers, falcons, slims.
I have a trinity and I think its great, no major issues at the minute, just stupid mistakes I have made from learning.
Each one is different in a few ways, some are more likely to get RROD (Red Ring Of Death) and some arent and some are also a lot better than others when it comes to booting up and being noisy.
OT: I have heard Xenons are atrocious - I have not used this
Trinity which is a Slim Console
Falcon or Jasper which is a PHAT console
Those 3 I would go for, up to you which one you like the look of and which one can have the customizations you want. Good Luck with buying and make sure you try to buy off someone off the site, they're the trusted sellers on here where you aren't going to get scammed.
US: Rodent
UK: Monoxide

Monoxide mainly goes by website or his facebook 'lVlonoxide Console Shop'
PM me if you need any help with things.
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If you want a phat console get a jasper,
If you want a slim,
Corona & Trinity are basically the same thing, a good install on a corona will take around 6-30 seconds to boot.
Buy from rodent if you're in the US!
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hey man just to let you know I'm selling myrgh falcon fairly cheap. I'm from uk lmk!
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