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XboxShould I put TTG in my Gamertag?Posted:

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I was considering making my gt either Ski TTG or SkiMask TTG but was wasn't sure if that's a thing of the past or something

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Mooneye (03-04-2018)
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I suggest putting the TTG part in front because I just think it sounds/looks better, but it's up to you in the end
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That is definitely a thing of the past.

Back in the day almost couldn't get into a mw2 lobby without seeing TTG in someone's gamertag.
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used to do this all the time in 2012/13 lol. Now you never see it
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Everyone used to do this back in the day. Still got my old one. Lool
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I still use TTG in my gamer tag when I host lobbies :p
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I had ttg in my name back in 2011
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Woah woah woah hang on a minute you've got it all wrong to start with. You gotta have TTG before your name like the ogs use to have it

TTG SkiMask or TTG Ski wouldn't be surprised if the ski is already taken

I used to have ttg in all my names. I have it as my clan tag sometimes though, used to be good years ago. You would have a full friends list of people with TTG *name* looked cool
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I feel like if this is something you want to do then you should do it not because of what others think but because you like that name, although I remember the TTG names and it was good memories, although if you go ahead and do this, do as Dalm says! Always before the name
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I seen it alot in the past when I used to play MW2 alot like Xbox mentioned.

Its nice to see someone from the site.
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