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Personally this game looks incredible and am insanely excited for it but wanted to see what you guys thought.

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Mooneye (02-12-2018)
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I'm hyped for this game!

Huge fan of the Far Cry series.

Glad to see what kind of goodies they have in store for everyone!
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Only game I will pre order this year. Looks amazing.
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This game is going to be so good. This is the only game I am going to play when it comes out.
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I think it will be an ok game I might get it! For PC
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I actually cannot wait for this game I've played all the other titles and from what I've seen this is by far going to be the best one.
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Mad it got pushed till March but will play the shit out of this
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Massive fan of the Far cry series, and absolutely loved Far cry 4, the characters look great, my guy is Turk, he sounds fun. Will be very very excited to play this.
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