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well i finally got 100 i want to say a big thanks to Sean, Mikey and JPB

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Congrats bro! 100 is my goal too!
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noice. I'm 5 off 200
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Hey man, huge congratulations to you for reaching 100 rep, this is a very big milestone to be proud of. Keep on being active and those cheese blocks will stack up fast.
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Well done on earning your first hundred reputation. Good luck on reaching two hundred and whilst you're at it, you may as well work towards a thousand posts and earn the Rainmaker award.
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Ayy man! grats bro!
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Not bad. Soon enough you'll be at your second cheese block.
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I remember my first 100 man. I'm not too far from it either. But yeah man, congratulations and keep working for more
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Congrats on 100 man! I'm working my way there ;)
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Congratulation Fletcher, 100 by far felt the best to me!

Hope to see ya at 200!
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