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Just 3,500 more downloads to go till I can watch some pathetic pleb try and take the #1 spot from me. Feel free to embarrass yourself when the time comes. See you all at my next milestone whenever that'll be. No thanks list because I don't kiss ass like Mikey does

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The Following 20 Users Say Thank You to Brigand For This Useful Post:

Famous (02-13-2018), Kixa (02-13-2018), Rick (02-13-2018), ZeroTwo (02-13-2018), Nodus (02-13-2018), frighten (02-12-2018), Jay (02-12-2018), dah (02-12-2018), prodigy (02-11-2018), 2018 (02-11-2018), KyloCrux (02-11-2018), Sean (02-11-2018), Lug (02-11-2018), Xbox (02-11-2018), Mikey (02-11-2018), Mooneye (02-11-2018), Tom (02-11-2018), Craig (02-11-2018), Dalm (02-11-2018), Mortar (02-11-2018)
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God damn that's a lot of stuffs, congrats on your achievement. I don't think anyone will over take you tbf
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Almost double the amount of downloads to posts, nice work spamming in a whole new way.
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Congrats on the 6.5K downloads
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Congratulations! Just get to 10,000 already so we don't have to get bombarded with your submissions. Please don't decide to re-up and go for 100,000 Download submissions I beg of you.

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Congrats man.

Hope to be with you on that leaderboard some day.

See you at 10k
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You on some next level with all these downloads lol, i feel so sorry for Mortar

Keep up the grind mate, you be at 10k in no time what so ever.
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That's insane. I don't have the patience to find random stuff and upload it lol.
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Wow man that's impressive congrats !!
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Insane bro. Great job on the hustle and hats off to Mortar for processing all those submissions lol
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