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So I hit 600 posts

I've been active again here for maybe 3months now and I'm glad I'm back and posting and trying to help people.

Well I didn't think I'd have 100rep this quick.

Thank you to everyone who repped me and made it possible to achieve 100 reputation points.

I'm very happy.

Forgot to give a special thanks to Mortar Thanks .

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Congrats on 600 posts man!

400 more and you'll be at 1k Rainmaker.

You should be there soon!
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grats on 600
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Congratulations on reaching six hundred posts, and not only that, but for reaching your first hundred reputation

Keep up the good work!
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Congratulations on 600 posts mate, 400 more for the badge, and looks like you already hit the 100 rep mate, so congrats on that too. 100 rep is a big one mate, so keep up the good work and that rep will shoot up hella fast.
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Congrats on 100 rep pal

Good luck on 200
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Congrats on your milestones
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Congrats on the post and rep man! Keep it up brotha.
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That's pretty flame homie. I'm soon to be at 600 myself. Congratulations.
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Congrats on 600 posts my dude. Keep up and get to 1k!!
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