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Did you jerk during 2009-2011? Do you still jerk?

If you don't know what jerking is watch this video

I personally wanna get back into jerking #JerkinAintDead

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I didn't participate cuz I thought it was lame but I was there when it blew up and I'm glad it ended lol
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Man looks like he's having a seizure...
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I thought we were talking about actual "jerking".. I need to go to bed.
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I took this title the complete wrong way
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Yes and still do

Now let me see you jerk jerk
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The Spongebob was better.

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Jass wroteI thought we were talking about actual "jerking".. I need to go to bed.
Same lmao
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I honestly thought this post was going in a completely different direction once I read 'jerking'. I always think those internet dance crazes are cringey.
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I remember this being super popular when I was in 5th grade, Everybody used to do it. Then a year or two later it was replaced with the cat daddy dance lmao.
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