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Hi, I'm looking to buy some Yeezy boost but cant find any legit websites. Can anyone help me?

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Mooneye (02-11-2018)
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EBay if you know your stuff
Stadium Goods
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I found some legit sellers on eBay.
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KyloCrux wroteI found some legit sellers on eBay.

Not exactly trusted on there though is it, if you do use Ebay mate, just check out there profile and check on there feedback before you buy anything on there.
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GOAT app all the way brand new and they're real
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GOAT App... Although if you don't already have GOAT app why you evein buying Yeezys.... lmao
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1. Stay AWAY from StockX.

2. GOAT & Flight Club are merging, so either of them are a solid option.
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GoatApp for sure
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wponx wrote1. Stay AWAY from StockX.

2. GOAT & Flight Club are merging, so either of them are a solid option.

stockx is alright for sneakers, for the most part. theyve been having issues with selling supreme as many people have gotten fakes from stockx. they seem to not know their shit.
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StockX is alright but you never can tell about the price of something on there so if you find a good deal, jump on it because it could easily change the next hour or so. GOAT and FlightClub are way too much.
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