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Modding[Question] Does anyone still care for Infectable Menus?Posted:

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The reason for this question is because I am wondering if there are people still out there who still have interest in developing R2R/Infectable menus.

I am thinking of creating a 'Release' thread of all my R2R menus and bases that I've worked on over the past several years to hopefully provide a foundation or ideas to some developers out there unfamiliar with creating infectable menus.

Please comment below or vote the poll if you personally would like this. My menus and bases are just sitting in my files so I would at least like to share it with a community I can trust.

Thank you


Here's a video of the last project I worked on...

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I made a [email protected] one last year and a lot of people where playing but idk about now
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You'd be surprised but there are quite a few people still interested in these menus. You're better off asking in game though as a lot of us don't play older cods much.

Personally I'd like some infectable menus as my little brother is always asking to be modded lol.
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Added a video
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I still enjoyed using them when I had my JTAG.

Give kids who can't afford a chance at the menu.
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You should release this bro
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