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Can anyone give me some tips or some plays you guys use to stop the run on Ultimate Team? Most runs against me end up going 10+ yards.
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try this play. it works well for me
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Stack the line with formations like 5-2 or NASCAR, even a 4-3 under

Using the LT (Or L2) and flicking your right stick down will press which you should be doing every play honestly

Then, you can use the same technique to set your line left or right by flicking left or right

The next step is basically learning how to blitz gaps, essentially where to line up your guys and using the LT+A (L2+X) to assign a blitzer

As madden gets progressively harder these are things that are essential to learn if you want to be successful at the game!
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Run a 4-3 formation (I suggest Seahawks) and go into 4-3 under and slant the line left or right depending on how he's lined up and shift the line as well. Spread your linebackers and then press corners.

I mainly stay in 4-3 throughout the entire game unless I am having troubles.
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