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So after posting 10000 high quality spams posts i have just had an upgrade to the 10k Elite badge, which in my opinion looks shit because its too small which now means ill have to continue to spam post till i get the 15k Juggernaut badge as thats a beast of a badge, and hopefully i can obtain it this year. All BS aside i do want to try make my posts a little better so i can give the staff team a little break dealing with my spams posts. Hell i just love posting so much, its so fun. See you guys at my next milestone next week.

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Congrats on all those high quality spams posts

Hope you get to 15k spams posts soon!

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You'll reach 15k in 6 months if that
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Congrats on 10k Man!
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grats friend see you at 15k next week
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The key word in your topic is "spam".
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Spam is nothing to be proud of Mikey, you should know better....
Just kidding, keep up the grind my man glad to see you've got another milestone! gotta love when people are salty you're always top each month, so keep farming! >
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Katsumi wrotegrats friend see you at 15k next week

I mean if Mortar and Famoose didnt delete my posts its very possible
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Congrats on all them posts Mikey. I'll be there soon enough!
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Congrats, see you at 15k very shortly
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