YouTubeNew Mini Gun update and Sniper Shootout!Posted:

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come check out the live stream and play with me, i play with subs! 100+ wins

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Great video dude. The mini gun is so damn good. I love it. Keep up the great work.
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minigun is great af man a good addition really fun to use XD nice video
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Any DLC gun they add to any game is Over powered.
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Great video mate, that mini gun is awesome, pretty good at taking buildings down quick, so happy this was a free gun as well which was pretty cool. Would love to see more videos from you soon mate. If you wouldnt mind subscribing to my channel as ive subbed to yours that would help me out a great deal
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Congratulations on winning two games although you did have to leave up to your partner to finish the first of the wins. Keep up the videos.
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