WWIIThe New gamemode Prop Hunt....Posted:

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Just loaded in my first game of it about to see how it is
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Looks fun. Good change to this game. They need to add in gun game again along with all of the black ops 1 wager match gamemodes!
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I didnt like it on mwr lets see if they changed it up to keep my interest
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never liked it in mwr
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It's not that bad, spm is low but you get 20k+ xp per game
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Legit playing this and on the round where you have to hide just watch Netflix lmao easy xp
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Thank god something different
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Nice to see they brought this game mode back again. Loved playing it on MWR and is alot of fun.
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I personally would pick gun game over this. I enjoy prop hunt, but I'm more of a gun game player.
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