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This was by far the most disappointing time wasted in chasing chrome camo...Make sure you don't make the same mistake!!!

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Thanks for the heads up man, this will help alot of members out on here.
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This is how it's always been... You've never needed to get the "DLC" weapon camos unlocked in order to get chrome or dark matter in BO3
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Wrong section but a common mistake surprisingly by a lot of people.
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Good job on getting the Trench Knife gold, too bad it wasn't the shovel. The reason why you didn't get diamond after completing the Trench Knife is because it isn't the original melee weapon, but instead an unlockable weapon that was added after the game's release through the Winter Siege event. This applies to all new weapons added later on in to the game, they are separate to the base weapons in terms of unlocking diamond and chrome.
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