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So I have so much junk on my PC, starting to run quite slow. I did clear it out manually the other day (about 50GB removed) I have 1TB.

Is there any programs which can help with this apart from Cc cleaner as that does little to nothing. Any tips or tricks to speed up PC too? I try to clear up my temp and prefetch files every now and then. My hard drive has been defragged too.

Thanks guys
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I'd invest in an SSD. They are cheap enough now and depending on your laptop make & model, should be easy enough to install.

If you're willing to do this, let us know a budget to work with and we'll find you an SSD.
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Most perceived slowness is caused by a slow OS drive or running a bunch of software at startup.

Use Task Manager's Startup tab to remove startup items you don't need, use Control Panel to remove software you don't use, and use msconfig to disable services you don't need.

Re-installing Windows is also easy.

Using an SSD boot drive will make the biggest difference.
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Get an SSD and install Linux. Welcome to speedy town.
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