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Need a new Call of Duty so let me know.

I enjoy the classics and not that future crap.
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You not enjoying WW2? Or you not tried it
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Ww2 worth a shout
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Black ops 1 and black ops 2

My favourite
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Ww2 is a good one or black ops 1
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MW3. [didnt see this was for Xbox one.. oops lol]
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For me one of the best is Call of Duty: WWII
I have not had any problems with this game so far i think that ww2 is a great game and it is a great tribute to the old games like cod waw. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] The zombies has brought back the fear factor is zombies. the ee for the maps are to easy there sapost to be achievements not a easy step by step tutorial. When i do the eastereggs i want to feel accomplished that i was one of the top .9% ect to complete the map not already hav 10% of all players complete the map because there so easy!
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WWII or Black Ops 1,2,3. Any of them. BO3 has that future shit though so goodluck.
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If you've already got World War II, it'd be in between Modern Warfare Remastered or Black Ops or Black Ops 2.

Those are personally my favorites of past CoD games.
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