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Hey everyone,
So we have 14 Royal Pythons all different morphs, 1 California Kingsnake, 2 bearded dragons, 2 leopard geckos, a rabbit , a hamster, colony's of African soft furred rats , fish and our dog a staffy cross Labrador and I'm sure we will get plenty more pets

I'm a reptile fanatic, what pets do you have?

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One white black and ginger cat haha
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I got a dog and his name is Kolie. I love him

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Just 1 Dog named Jack. He's my protector and I would actually die for that dog.
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Just a chocolate lab named Reese
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Siberian Husky. You should talk to Loke he would love your zoo
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2 ferrets
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2 dogs, one jug ( jack Russell/pug ) and one yourkshire terrier.

Id like to say they could protect me if need be but unfortunately they are both about 1 foot tall.
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I had a boxer... until I had to move..
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A beagle. Sadly, almost dying. Love him to death.
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