Vantagevantage issues, anybody else?Posted:

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anybody else having issues with vantage? wont sign me out now or let me access any save files. Reinstalled and everything

Also Seans Forza horizon 3 save is amazing
but does anybody have one with like billions? or lots of millions? for some reason I'm just getting 4 million with them all
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I would post this on the Vantage Post or join there Discord and ask Support what's wrong,
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Topic moved to the right area hopefully someone can help you or maybe Sean will reply.

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If Vantage fails to display your saves you will need to relog simply sign out and back in and it should work. A refresh button will be added soon to help with this issue.
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I'm having issues myself every time I try to log in a white box shows up, and that's it.... what should I do I have tried restarting and also reinstalling it.
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having same issue, keeps giving error 504 gateway timed out
bad gateway
only leaving the option to click "retry for a live version" and states that the page is currently offline.
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