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So just hit 600 gifts, and now the grind is on for 1k gifts, hopefully ill hit 1k before the summer who knows. Its mad to think only a month ago i didn't even have the Ultimate Gifter badge lol, but now im at 600 already. Last month was the Winter Giveaway, and decided to break the record in monthly gifts of gold, and to be honest i dont think anyone has ever done that much in just one month, but i might be wrong. So i now will hold the ATH badge for a good while, until someone decides to spend $1400 in a month on gold lol Ill be the second top gifter within a few weeks. Maybe you wanna know why i do this, its because TheTechGame is my favorite hobbies and im on here every day so it just makes scene to me to help support the site, and i love helping out members with gold, so they can get the full experience on the site. I also have made alot of money when i was selling my mods a year ago, so only seems fair i give a little something back to the community.

So yeah see you guys at 700 gifts real soon.

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That's mad lol
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can i have a dollar
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Congrats ladd,

RIP Andy
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Congrats Man Insane Amount Of Money You Put In
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That's pretty crazy tbh!
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Buy me a car
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Congratulations mate!! You've spent alot of money.
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Congrats, I don't think I'd really be able to ever spend that kind of money on here lol.
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Listen, we need to talk. I think some of that money should be going to me.
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