General[H] Xbox One 1TB Advanced Warfare Edition [W] PS4 [ADVICE]Posted:

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I have:
    Xbox One 1 TB Advanced Warfare Special Edition
    Xbox One Controller, Advanced Warfare Special Edition
    Xbox One Stereo Headset (Microsoft)

I want:

ADVICE NEEDED! Is this trade fair? (Looking to get this done on Craigslist or something local)
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I'd keep the Xbox One. Worth more and Xbox is just better in general.
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Yes this looks fair you should be able to do this
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Umm no. Do not tried it. Not worth it at all.
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You gonna swap all that for a shitty PS4 lol

Seriously your better of selling what you have mate, then just buy a PS4 even if its second hand.
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I just very quickly googled the used resale value for both. I only checked gamestop, and ebay. So you know how that goes.

However, without that Microsoft headset, I saw the Xbox being sold for anywhere from $95.00 (bids) to $400 (buy it now, I don't know for certian that it was used.).

The PS4 seems to stay steady at $225 to $300. For used. Once again, I didn't do tons of research.

If you want the PS4, and you don't think you'll recieve another trade offer then go for it. It's your stuff bud.
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I'm also in the dilemma of wanting to trade my XB1 for a PS4 but if you find a deal and it's going down in your favor and you will be happy. Then do it. Otherwise, keep the XB1 and just go with your gut instinct my dude

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Thank you for the advice everybody!
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Honestly I've done trading in the past with consoles/ other stuff and I've noticed it's just best to keep what you have and wait until you are able to just get the Game/Console you want.
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Trade that and you'll be out of money going back to buy another Xbox again in a few weeks. PS4 is sheeeeeit.
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