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  • E3 2018
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I think this would really be fun playing with your friends on multiplayer for sure, watching the trailer, does make me wanna play it.
What did you think?

When medieval fantasy meets dodgeball! Strikers Edge is a ranged combat game where you play as ancient warriors battling on the fray. Hurl your spears and daggers and master your special powers to headshot your opponent down. Fight online or in local multiplayer and become the top striker!
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I seen the trailer for this already and let me say this could be Game of the Month!
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Doesn't look too bad, I'm not a big PS4 fan.
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WOW now thats a great trailer i loved watching it the game looks so good thanks for sharing
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Thanks for sharing all these things with us Mikey appreciate it a lot!
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Dang this game is looking amazing! Excited for more gameplay!
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