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Well I'm back after a very long time.

Holy cow this website has sure changed a lot and it's going to take some time getting use to it.

Needless to say... it sure feels great to be back.

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Mortar (02-04-2018)
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Nice to have you back mate, I'm in a similar boat! I'm pretty sure I came across you back in the day.

If you need anything just let me know, and welcome back
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Welcome back, look forward to seeing you around the site
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Welcome back

see you around in the forums
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Welcome Back Man! Enjoy TTG
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Welcome back to the site. The site has indeed taken on some big changes mainly the forum layout. The sub-sections have been condensed and split in to a few sections, and within the sub-sections are prefixes which can be considered sub-sections within those sub-sections, just without having lots of dead, or low activity areas of the site. If you cick on a prefix located at the top of a sub-section, it will list all topics with the chosen prefix. If you have any more questions, or just want to chat with some users then make sure you visit the Shout Box.
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