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How's it going!?

I'm iMM0RT4L_K1LL3R, Ive been around TTG since 2013 but was never really active in posting but I am always checking in the forums and keeping up with things. I originally came here for the hype in COD4,
WAW and MW2 hacked lobbies for Xbox 360 but that time has came and gone. Im now getting into PC gaming playing games like Battlefield series, Borderlands series, Rainbow Six Siege, Fallout, Ninja Storm series, Elder Scrolls, Bioshock and some occasional Chinese CoD. I would love to meet and play with people here and connect more than in the past.

Take care everybody and thanks for reading

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CMY (01-10-2018)
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Welcome back to TTG I see your a PCgamer I'm more of a Ps4 gamer myself I mainly play WW2.
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Welcome back I see you said you have been around since 2013 but only made this account today. If you are unable to gain access to your other account, PM me the username and I'll try and help you gain access to your account.
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Welcome back man!
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