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Just comment what ur favorite kind of dog is to enter or if u for some reason don't like dogs post why papa Sean's is the best pizza there is.

Thanks and Rep not required but dogs like it.

(24 Hours, One lucky member)

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Count me in and thanks for the contribution! Hm.. I like Pomskies, German Shepard, and Husky; or German Shepard-husky hybrid.

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My Favorite Dog is the Husky, always have have been a big dog guy and love the way husky look they are just beautiful dogs.

Thanks for the giveaway man

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Chow Chow
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Husky. But I've never had one they're so cute!
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not much of a dog person but i had to have one it would def be a Siberian Husky

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Blue nose pit bulls
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German shepards bro
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Thanks for this giveaway, and my favorite dog would have to be an American bulldog. I own 2 of them and they're great dogs
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