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Who won? Well that's for you to figure out and for the ninja celtic god to keep a secret.

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I just want it, and I'm not contributing I'm going to be the worst member. Your mother
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Would love to join, I love the community and have been around for awhile!(:
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I would love to have gold because I feel like it helps others trust me when posting or commenting on things. I'm going to keep contributing my helping forums in which I have the most knowledge in and helping the members that ask for it
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I'll enter. I would love gold so I could be more active.Having gold is super cool as well!!
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I want it because who doesn't like free?
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I would love some more gold, i agree with one of the guys above, i do free money drops on gta and i think having gold makes people trust me alot more
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I would love some Gold because when I get my job I'll be doing lots of Giveaways!

Thanks for this one btw
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I just noticed you changed your username -DNS
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Good luck guys
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